TSL, leading systems integrator for the broadcast industry, today announced that it has won the contract to supply systems integration work for the BBC One Nations HD Playout project; which will enable BBC One HD for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

This means that each nation’s channel can be broadcast to national schedules, showing both true HD and up-scaled programmes.

‘The overall challenge with this project is the amount of planning involved’

‘During live playout, we’ll be replacing sections of SD circuitry and interfacing new HD systems around each of the nations’ existing infrastructures.’

David Gunn, Director of Systems at TSL.

TSL built the original BBC Nations SD playout facilities in Glasgow, Cardiff and Belfast in 2007. The first HD upgrade is due to take place for Northern Ireland later this year.

Key aspects of the upgrade at each site will include an additional channel of Miranda’s Colossus automated playout system, Pixel Power Logovision graphics engines, Harmonic Mediacentre servers, Snell Sirius routers, new Axon glue for providing originated Dolby surround and upmixing stereo to 5.1, together with new HD video and surround sound audio monitoring equipment.