A pioneer when it comes to the adoption of technology, TSL was one of the first systems integrators to form in the UK and essentially brings all-manner of broadcasting equipment and processes together to form systems for television facilities.

At last week’s Thames Valley Business Magazine Awards, TSL was recognised for its ‘Use of Technology’, taking 3rd prize.

TSL endeavours to make life easy for its customers, to allow them to transmit their programmes with ease and efficiency. This is largely down to TSL’s ability to develop new expertise in cutting-edge processes and technology such as IT-based and cloud-based workflows.

TSL supplies the know-how and technology behind a large variety of different broadcast operations, from international News Centres, to Outside Broadcasts (such as live sports or concerts) to Educational Media Facilities and Corporate Studios.

The broadcast facility projects that TSL win can be small or large scale, but most are looking to achieve efficiency through automation. This calls for the integration of systems from a number of manufacturers, which in turn, requires new developments in those products and to create an open interface between them. Designing these interfaces and promoting the developments of the additional functionality is a critical aspect of the systems integrator’s task.