OSN (Orbit Showtime Network)


Following the merger between Orbit, based in Bahrain and Showtime, based in Dubai, the combined organisation, “OSN” decided to consolidate their business by moving key parts of their operations from Bahrain to Dubai including all Broadcast operations.  However, the existing Broadcast IT and storage infrastructure in Dubai needed some upgrade and expansion to cope with the increased number of channels that would now be played out from that site, along with the increasing HD requirement and associated media workflows.

The existing IT switch was obsolete and had been specified when the site first opened. Consequently, it had neither the throughput nor redundant topology required by a modern HD workflow.

Equipment Profile

Key Vendors and kit

  • Isilon – Production Server
  • Cisco 6509E – IP Network Core
  • Infiniband Bus
  • Prebel (Snell) – 5122 central router