Key Equipment –

  • Ross Carbonite vision mixer
  • Studer Vista 1 audio mixer
  • Grass Valley central router
  • Grass Valley modular processing
  • Grass Valley multiviewers
  • HP network components
  • Clear-Com talkback
  • DDP central storage
  • Infortrend storage
  • TSL Change-over MDUs
  • 4 x Sony HSC-100 camera chains

Marjan TV Networks (MTVN) are a UK based Ofcom registered broadcaster who produce & broadcast programmes, by satellite, to Iran. All programming is produced in Farsi language.
One production control suite working with 4 production spaces, 14 edit suites, 2 Voice-over suites, Transmission suite with dedicated VO, Ingest area, Music production room.

The system is largely a new build but incorporates significant amounts of customer equipment from previous facility. MTVN needed to move out of their previous facility as it was due for demolition. They took this opportunity to deliver a more flexible solution with capacity for expansion and extra resilience. Following a meeting at NAB in 2014 TSL proposed a 3-stage process to deliver this project which was very attractive to MTVN.

  • Phase 1: Requirements capture with initial budgetary costing
  • Phase 2: Detail design based on Phase 1 output and further client discussions
  • Phase 3: Project delivery

The progression to the next stage was always subject to MTVN accepting the output of the previous phase so their commercial exposure was kept under control. The key challenges facing MTVN were a limited internal resource and an extremely tight timescale. TSL provided a dedicated project manager for the whole process to provide MTVN with a single point of contact.

The TSL team in phases 1 & 2 worked with MTVN personnel to assess their requirements & aspirations for the new facility before developing the solution that would be delivered. The PM was also present at many of the meetings with the builders, from a very early stage, so that the necessary infrastructure to support the TSL design was included in the building design.  This also included close collaboration with the builder to allow TSL personnel to work alongside the building process.



The new facility provides significantly extra space with better laid out control suites. The improved communication facilities also allow more complex production scenarios. The new production chain is more flexible and produces a higher quality output and the new Tx system has greater resilience. The first use of the new system was for the MTVN “Nowruz” programme. This is the Iranian New Year and is one of their largest productions of the year.  It was achieved within a very short timescale after TSL was able to get on site. 

As well as the facilities installed by TSL the system was expanded by the addition of a number of rented camera systems and a recording system.  This expansion capacity is something that was designed in from the very early stages of the project. The Wimbledon Studios facility that MTVN have taken over was previously used to produce “The Bill”.