Warranty Management

TSL Systems has built a reputation as a trusted partner for the worlds’ leading broadcasters with a range of service that go above and beyond that of the traditional systems integrator. Our Warranty Management service is just one example of this.

Traditionally, systems integrators deliver complex multi-vendor solutions to broadcasters, and then typically provide 12 months of system warranty following commissioning. However, this warranty is usually a hybrid of ‘back-to-base’ manufacturer repairs combined with some telephone support from the systems integrator. It isn’t a fully managed system support service. After the 12 months of system warranty have expired the broadcaster is then left to manage a system that may contain 30-130 different vendors. This will require the broadcasters to:

  • Contact every manufacturer and negotiate a new support package for each product, bearing in mind that individual products will have different support expiry periods
  • Keep all products up to date with software revisions or maintenance patches, logging each change as it happens.
  • Ensure that one product upgrade doesn’t cause problems with another product in the system
  • Add hardware upgrades or new options to products in the system, logging each change in the inventory
  • Know when a problem is caused by one of a number products in the system, and which vendor to approach for a solution

TSL Systems take care of all this for you with our cost-effective lifetime system support for any broadcast system – regardless of when it was installed or who it was installed by.

We provide technical telephone support, dedicated on-site engineers, access to product experts, remote diagnostics, a web based portal for reporting, and a service level agreement defining response times. All of this is tracked by key performance indicators, on top of the various manufacturer’s support offering.