Asset Management Services

In mission critical broadcast environments, system health is often – and easily – overlooked. Every system has a number of product components, each with a different shelf-life and refresh cycle. With a mix of legacy and newer systems in place, many broadcasters are unaware of the health status or version of their products. Products may be at risk of failure, require an upgrade or be obsolete, making repair challenging, time consuming and expensive.

TSL Systems offers a complete Asset Management and Assessment Service package that gives clients peace of mind and complete visibility of their system health and status at all times. We can ensure that your system is performing to its full potential, allowing you to concentrate on delivering great content. Working closely with manufacturers we proactively provide update, upgrade and life-cycle information relating specifically to your installed equipment.



TSL provides a comprehensive Asset Management Service Package which offers:

  • Audit Consultancy: We provide a complete Asset Register of all the components of your system.
  • Risk Assessment: We run a complete assessment to identify the areas of weakness, highlight potential requirements for upgrades, refresh or new product selection where necessary.
  • Report: We generate a full report for you allowing you to have visibility of everything you own. We will also provide a list of recommendations for backups, replacements or secondary units if required.
  • Support portal: We provide a digital on-line system that can contain all the information relating to your system, including live physical asset management and attributes, allowing fast anywhere, anytime access to crucial technical information specific to your system and your products.

These are just some of the many value services available under TSL Life-cycle Support Services.

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