Practical Consultancy Solutions

Whether you’re upgrading, re-locating or starting a Greenfield Project from scratch, knowing exactly where to start can be a resource–consuming and daunting task. Few broadcasters have the staff resources to spare to take on this type of task. TSL Systems Consultancy Services can make the process as painless and smooth as possible- without disruption to your existing operation

With three decades of systems integration experience, consulting and installing some of the most renowned and successful broadcast facilities across the globe, TSL Systems can be your trusted partner, delivering a range of consultancy services on a number of levels, including:

  • Formal Documentation of Your Ideas
  • Business Case Development for Board-level or Investors
  • Technical Design/High-Level Schematics
  • Vendor Selection
  • Accurate Budgetary Plans and Timelines

Realise your ideas:

We can take your game changing idea on how to improve and grow your business, increase viewer-loyalty or better engage your clients and turn it into reality, whether that involves an upgrade, relocation, consolidation or a completely new facility built from the ground up.

TSL can help you navigate this unchartered territory with you; identifying all the associated risks and cost implications and providing the resources and expertise that will bring your strategy to fruition. We can help you develop, crystallise and document your ideas whilst performing essential due diligence exercises along the way.

With a vast back catalogue of projects to refer to and invaluable practical experience gained from our years on the job. We can investigate and evaluate every aspect of your idea thoroughly from the ‘big picture’ perspective down to the finest of detail.

Consultancy on Demand:

Wherever you are with your project, TSL Systems can offer a range of specialist services, as and when you need them, we can help with everything from the concept stage, through to feasibility studies or an unforeseen crisis.

TSL Systems can get you on track (or back on track); our experts have the knowledge and experience to explore every available scenario and logically document each stage and process involved in a project, including:

  • Formal Documentation of Your Ideas
  • Business Cases Development for your Board-level or Investors
  • Strategic Planning
  • Technical Design
  • Scope of Work Documentation
  • Feasibility Studies
  • High Level Schematics
  • Accurate Budgetary Plans and Timelines
  • Guidance on buildings; including location, space and adjacency considerations, connectivity and access

Your ‘Expert Witness’:

Having ideas to improve operations and services, as well as achieving maximum ROI, is one thing. Convincing the board or the investors that this is the right choice for your business is quite another.

TSL Systems can help you present a business case to your company’s board of directors or investors, helping you to provide and present the evidence you need to get approval for your project.

Given our long experience of working with broadcasters to evolve their infrastructure to meet new business and operational needs, we can back you up as impartial experts. We can offer advice and guidance one every aspect of your project, from commercial benefits and sound and justified technology implementation to rationalising costs and warranting timescales.

We have first-hand experience helping broadcasters like Sky News Arabia, MediaCityUK – Peel Holdings, Salford University, BBC Transmission Centre and Perform.

Unlimited Resource

TSL Systems has a network of consultants, with the appropriate skills and experience, who can provide valuable advice and give you a fresh perspective.

We have the capacity to explore and experiment with many options and can call on experts who’ve already had experience in the field for a particular type of project, large or small, upgrade or greenfield, including:

  • Transmission Centres
    Playout Facilities

    Master Control Operations
    Network Operations Centres

    International or Local News Operations
    Sports Broadcasting
    Corporate and Commercial AV Projects
    Educational Facilities

We also have a trusted network of  manufacturer partners whom we’ve built up incredibly strong relationships with over the years, so you don’t have to work at establishing new contacts or even take the time to build up in-depth knowledge on new or existing workflows and solutions.

Getting Your Entire Team behind you – from ‘floor-level to board-level’

A key contributor to the success of any project is getting your team on board from the start.  From the operational staff, to management to CFO – all of them have a part to play in your new plan, so engaging them at consultancy level will make for a smoother ride.

TSL Systems can provide a series of consultancy workshops that are tailored to your teams and their requirements. The workshops help to identify challenges and potential issues that might arise from individual workflow perspectives. The workshops also encourage employees to put their ideas on the table for consideration and are guaranteed to improve morale.

It’s these workshops which help to comprehensively capture the overall system requirementsin order to start the planning process off on the right foot.