Media Asset Management Consultants

Media Asset Management (MAM) is one of TSL Systems’ key areas of expertise. We have been designing and deploying a wide array of MAM solutions for over a decade, working with most of the vendors during this time.

As MAM specialists, we understand the need for greater efficiency within the broadcast environment. TSL has long experience of designing a successful MAM system that not only meets broadcasters’ operational needs, but also their business objectives.


TSL MAM consultant will undertake a detailed, end-to-end analysis of your broadcast workflow to determine the current and future requirements – from scalability to quality of service. TSL Systems will:

  • Identify current production processes and workflows
  • Identify current production volumetrics
  • Investigate the existing archive workflows
  • Review the company’s business and operational aspirations
  • Discuss MAM scalability, collaborative workflows and the range of new and existing technologies
  • Produce a specification for MAM production tools, networking, storage and archiving to customer requirements
  • Make specific recommendations of suitable vendors