Consultants for Educational Facilities

Educating the next generation is something TSL is passionate about. Furthermore, we understand the challenges that Universities and UTCs face when adding a TV course to their curriculum.

Before securing funding for a specialist TV course, a university or UTC must first design and price a system. The challenge is threefold: staff (lecturers/heads of department) don’t always have the necessary expertise and skill to design a system in the details required; assessing manufacturers is time consuming; staff are not always aware of the potential pitfalls.

Engaging a systems integrator to build a financial case is often the most efficient way to proceed, however, this presents its own challenge as funding is not always available ahead of the project.

From its long experience of working in the education field TSL understands the problem and scenario that can occur. We have addressed them with a dedicated offering for educational institutions: TSL provides a limited amount of consulting days gratis on the basis that if the University/UTC secures funding from the local authority as a result of TSL’s efforts, they will include TSL on the tender list.