Education Media Creation

TSL Systems have taken industry recognized products and combined with its own experience in the education sector and created a packaged solution that can be integrated into your own creative learning space. With multiple product options available on the market, the Education Media Production Solution removes the complexity normally associated with designing and building a new production facility both reducing technical risk and cost. It has been designed for ease of use by the students, enabling the lecturer to focus on the teaching of production techniques and creativity rather than dealing with the complexity of technology.

The solution delivers multiple position operation to enable students to work in the differing techniques associated with media production. The facility enables students to become familiar with camera operation, lighting, sound, video production, graphics and production worklows to maximize the experience of a live production environment.


Working in partnership with recognized leading broadcast equipment manufacturers within their specialized areas, TSL have developed the perfect platform to assist Universities and Higher Education facilities to ready their students for the ‘real world’.

TSL Systems have embedded a 3-year maintenance programme, developed using ITIL methodology, into the solution. This provides full access to the TSL Systems team of industry experts who will support the Universities team in managing the technology throughout the lifecycle of the facility. This enables the Universities technical operations and lecturing teams to focus on teaching and education to maximize on the student experience, “


Our Locations

"TipTV needed to upgrade their facilities, thanks to a large growth in their production requirements, and can now boast one of the newest full HD production facilities in the heart of London”

Dave Trewick – Project Consultant TipTV